Catering that is deliciously beyond the ordinary.

Award winning restaurant Fugazzis steps out of the kitchen to mark your private affair unforgettable. In your home, at your business or in its own strikingly modern private dining rooms, guests enjoy culinary creations as irresistibly beautiful as they are delicious. Full-service catering from its extensive menu or customized to fit your personal desires. Add magic to your next private affair including:

  • Banquets

  • Weddings Receptions

  • Reunions

  • Celebrations of life

  • Fundraisers

  • Showers

  • Testimonial:


    The Visalia Rescue Mission is a better service organization because of
    the relationship with Fugazzis and specifically Mike Fligor.

    We have enjoyed Fugazzis wonderful menu for many years. The Food has been
    exceptional and we frequent the different locations because the service
    is consistently marvelous.

    Mr. Fligor has catered our banquets through the years and many friends
    of the Mission return to our banquets because Mike does such a great job.
    Mr. Fligor felt he wanted to do more through the ministry of the Rescue
    Mission. He approached me about serving in a greater capacity. I had
    no idea it would come in the form of providing dinner for the overnight
    guests every Thursday evening.

    Mr. Fligor and the restaurant have been faithful to be here to serve delicious,
    hot meals every week. The guests of the Mission look forward to Thursday night
    and the meals offered. We are a better outreach because of this very important
    God Bless you Mike for all you do for so many...and you do it so well!!
    Danny Little John 10:10